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Fabulous, loving Ragdoll cats and Ragdoll kittens for a tiny price! Scroll down to see current offerings.

Discounted kittens are offered at lower prices because they are mis-marked, have small imperfections, or have aged-up beyond standard go-home age. Breeder cats are retired at the end of their fertile years, but could have 10+ more years to be enjoyed as calm, affectionate pets -  ideal companions for an elderly person . Retired breeders are spayed and have a fresh dental cleaning prior to re-homing. Call 573-291-1957 or email us at kittens@americanragdolls.com for more information about these discounted Ragdoll kittens or Ragdoll cats. 


Cat - Jaqui More Photos
Jaqui - Seal Sepia Mitted Female Ragdoll Cat



Lovely, gentle girl with extra-rich sepia coloring. Needs quiet adult home with no other pets.

Available at no charge to good home only.


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